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"GLctx is undefined" help

If you're on a chromium based browser check out if webgl is enabled. On brave it's brave://gpu dunno about the others. Also it doesnt run on mobile, trying to figure that one out still

mano,muito bom o jogo.admito que eu me assustei quando vi o cultista...porem o dps disso o jogo trava e fica numa tela preta

Amazing game in terms of storyline bro i hope you make more good games like this and i hope you give the channel a sub <3

also a special occasion of me coming back after a long break so had to get a rlly good game and i think it will please <<<<3

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I got the Paranoia, Safe and Dead endings are there any more?

The music and colour scheme make a great atmosphere.

I would say the Use/look/take/talk seems a bit redundant as they all seem to be achieved with left click anyway.

Making a game with multiple endings is really amazing for a gamejam, Well done!


there are alternate ways to beat some puzzles with those actions

Also yeah there are 3 endings, kinda left "safe" a bit open for a true ending post jam as I finished up the game at 7:30 AM on deadline day lol

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it!

i did

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Wait how do you get the safe ending?

I got the paranoia and the dead endings.

But I cannot get safe.

Can anyone please help?

You can do it without using the gun at all

I try using the rock but it does not work. I use the spear and nothing. Climbing equipment does nothing.


Climbing equipment can get you out of the hole just click left of the ladder.

As for the rock and stick they can be combined

I found those. Still tried the rock on the cultist. Nothin.

You dont use the rock directly on the wolf; Speara just goes on the lifted bridge; and climbing equipment just goes on the side of the ladder

I found those. Still tried the rock on the cultist. Nothin.